Some Designer Jewelry is Still Made in The USA.


Just like most other tangible goods luxury or not production has moved to the fair east. A lot of fine jewelry manufactures have also setup factories or work with other factories that they don’t own to designs and make their jewelry. ¬†Only had handful of brands still design and actually make their jewelry in the USA. They’re the brands that keep quality and unique design their first priority. We need to buy from these designers who make a higher quality product here in the USA. You can view Uneek who’s designer engagement rings are still completely hand-crafted in the USA and have won numerous awards for their designs.

The Most Eco-friendly Fine Diamond Jewelry



If you really think about jewelry manufacturing they all pretty much are made the same way and its not so eco-friendly. This is an exception to how Danhov creates it’s unique fine jewelry. Danhov’s jewelry is completely handmade from a wire of precious metal then made into a beautiful ring which is handset to create beautiful fine jewelry. Danhov has won numerous awards for their uniquely designed jewelry.

Rolex Watches & Patek Philippe

If you’re in the market for a luxury timepiece you know you have a lot of options. You can purchase a Franck Muller or even Richard Mille for the same amount you can purchase a Rolex watch. However, what happens when you no longer want to keep that watch and want to trade it in or sell it? Most brands are sold for pennies on the dollar and you basically lose out on the great amount you paid for that watch. Rolex watches are the exception to the rule and so are Patek Philippe. These two brands have a very strong resell value and if you look at your watch as an investment these two brands are the best value you can have. Since the retail prices increase yearly a lot of times your pre-owned rolex watch will increase in value and you can easily sell your watch at the same price you purchased it for. Look for a reputable company to sell your watch and you will be assured to get top dollar for your pre-owned Rolex or Patek.


Looking for the finer things in life? Don’t forget diamonds are a women’s bestfriend.

We think diamond’s and the first thing that comes into your mind is DaBeer’s and the second thing is fine diamond jewelry from DaBeer’s also known as Forevermark. Look for a Forevemark designer such as Natalie K. If your within a tight budget and looking for an untraditional brand of beautiful fine jewelry look into Coronet Solitaire known for their patented diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. ¬†Fine diamond jewelry that’s affordable doesn’t have to compromise quality and style. We love their trendy designs and their unbelievable craftsmanship and intense bling make’s Coronet a unique jewelry brand that offers affordable fine jewelry.